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Helping Children Cope With Divorce

Lifelines Counseling Services offers a transparenting course to help children during the parent's divorce. This is a four-hour educational program about the needs of children ...


Homeowners Guide To Success

The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development today released the Homeowners Guide to Success as part of a public-private partnership between federal agencies and indust ...


Saving Money During The Holidays

If you are like most Americans, you spend more than you'd like during the holidays. With family gifts and work office parties, the debt just seems to continuously rack up. Con ...


"I Have Found my Voice"...

There seems to often be a theme that occurs from week to week in my practice. This week's theme has been...
"I have found my voice"
There is nothing more inspiring when a client gets to that place in therapy and is able to say...
"I have found my voice"
For our voice can so often be lost in the chaos of life ---strained relationships, family conflict, trauma, insecurities, addi... CONTINUE READING

Helping people find real solutions to real problems.

Lifelines Counseling Services of Mobile, Inc. is the agency of choice to help people find real solutions to real problems. Our goal is to facilitate positive changes in individuals, families and communities by providing comprehensive education, referral and counseling services for social, emergency and financial problems.

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