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The Rape Crisis Center Recently Traveled To Montgomery For the Alabama Coalition Against Rape Press Conference

The Rape Crisis Center, a division of Lifelines Counseling Services, is honored to be a part of the Alabama Coalition Against Rape. Members of our staff traveled to Montgomery on March 1st, to be a part of a press conference on the front steps of the Alabama Legislative house that brought awareness to sexual assault in Alabama.

Senator Vivian Figures and Representative Adline Clarke were present to show their support for all we do and to bring awareness to this problem facing our community. Senator Figures also announced she was introducing legislation to change the definition of what constitutes as how a victim responds to their attack.

Former Miss America, Mallory Hagan also spoke on the history of sexual abuse in her family and how she herself is a victim. Mallory uses her platforms and recognition to also bring awareness to this problem.

Our staff was so moved to be a part of this meeting along with fellow members of the coalition. After years of working to bring awareness in our state and change the pattern of assault, it was emotional to say the least.

Watch the video to hear Senator Figures speech and follow our YouTube channel to hear the other speeches as well.

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