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The Rape Crisis Center works towards progress.

It was recently announced that a perpetrator will have his day in court for the 1998 rape of a young girl. This arrest is the product of just one of the recent cases the Rape Crisis Center is helping to bring about.

In 2015, the Mobile Police Department was given grant funds through the Promise Initiative to test the backlog of rape kits and try to find perpetrators and the ones who are serial offenders.

The Rape Crisis Center staff works with the Mobile Police Department, the Mobile County District Attorney's office and others in the community to solve these cases and bring justice for the victims.

Local media has begun telling the story about current progress due to the recent arrest. Lagniappe Mobile, Wkrg, Wpmi, and WALA have all covered the story.'s Lawrence Specker released this very telling article from his first-hand perspective of being able to sit in on the promise and interview those involved.

Read the full story at the link below.

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