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Helping To Build Strong African American Families (SAAF)

Lifelines Counseling Services works to help individuals and families live more productive lives. One way we hope to accomplish this goal is by educating families on healthy relationships and communication. Thanks to funding from the Mobile Area Education Foundation, 6 of our staff attended a 3-day training course to teach them how to facilitate the Strong African American Families program in our communities. They recently began the first group of a 7-week program for families of 4th - 6th graders at George Hall Elementary & Williamson, specifically the Maysville community.

Strong African American Families (SAAF) is a program to help build on the strengths of African American Families by giving parents and children the tools they need to succeed. Topics covered are communicating, avoiding risky behaviors, how to handle the pre-teen years, finding a balance between firm parenting and showing love, helping youth develop healthy goals for the future and much more.

Mary Callen, Family Counseling Center counselor, recently spoke to the Lifelines Counseling Services Board of Directors about the recent experience. "This has been my favorite program. We were able to see a difference in the lives of the families we worked with."

Lifelines Counseling Services plans to hold more SAAF sessions in the summer and in the fall. Thanks to the Evidence to SDuccess Board (through Mobile Area Education Foundation), the sessions included dinner for the families, incentives for the kids and the parents and other goodies. At the end of the program, each family was provided with a framed family photo for them to keep. One mom commented this was the first family photo they have had since the daughter was 2 years old.

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