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Rape Crisis Center

I was lost. I couldn't believe it when he told me. My 8 year old son, James, was hurt by my fiancé. We were getting married in three weeks. James told me that this wasn't the first time. I immediately took him to the hospital, USA Children's and Women's. I felt embarrassed and ashamed. How didn't I know? The Rape Crisis volunteer gave James a teddy bear and a coloring book. While he played, she talked to me. She told me it wasn?t my fault. She stayed by my side the entire time. I don't remember her name or face, but I thank her for being my angel.
-33 year old female

My husband and I had an argument at home. Later on, I went to his business to talk to him. While there, we began arguing again. He beat me and raped me. I drove myself to the hospital. Jan met me there as my victim advocate. She helped me through many ordeals since the rape. Jan connected me with counseling and was my only support system for a year. Domestic violence is a cycle and I remained in the relationship until I was arrested and ordered to attend END. After successful completion, I left my husband. I am employed in a local orthopedic practice and doing well on my own.
-46 year old female

As I was walking out the restroom door, a man came toward me with a gun. I was terrified. He forced me into the restroom. The whole time I was pleading for my life. He ordered me to lie down. Then he raped me. It only lasted a few seconds, but I saw my whole life flash before my eyes. All I could think about were my husband and children. This terrifying ordeal has put a huge strain on my marriage. I have been having emotional problems - fears that I just cannot explain. I don't trust people anymore. The Rape Crisis Center was there for me at the hospital. I met a volunteer counselor who was there for me during my recovery recommended free counseling for me and my family. With her help, I have come a long way. I want to thank them for helping me.
-Lifelines Client

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